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By : Muslim Arbi ( Coordinator of Citizen Seeker of Justice ).

Two phone calls I received from Agus Kalimulya and Asmawi Mangkualam from Bojong, Depok. Both of them are the heirs of a part of the 127 hectares of Land Warga occupied and controlled by RRI Cimanggis.

The land is a legal right of ownership based on the Description of Customary Land owned by 314 Heads of Families.

President Joko Widodo inaugurated the first stone laying for campus builders who said on an area of ​​152 ha. If it is done then the land area of ​​127 around it would be used.

The land of 127 hectares belonging to the residents of 314 Heads of Families has not yet been settled by government payments. So, the government should not arbitrarily want to use the land without paying citizens, Asmawi said as the Coordinator of Citizens Seeking Justice on Their Land.

Asmawi protested loudly, if his Grandfather’s Land was taken by force by the Government without being paid. In a Communist country like China alone, his Government uses his People’s Land in pay first. We are the Pancasila State, so we can not play forcibly the People’s Land, protest.

For a long time Asmawi Mangkualam, Agus Kalimulya, Advokat Ua Rustam, under the Coordinator of Muslim Arbi and a number of Citizens have made the maximum effort to recover their land. But the government does not seem to budge. Though it is clearly Tanah Adat based on the letter Girik they have.

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Some of the Land owned by the people from 127 ha, already in use of Cijago Toll and is now in operation. But the land area of ​​11 ha has not been paid by the Toll Manager.

Already various efforts are done by citizens by doing Legal Protection to the Police, write to President Joko Widodo and Vice President Yusuf Kalla, to the Ministry of Religion and Ministry of Infocom but residents have not got a certainty on their rihgts.

If the Government of Joko Widodo wants to use the Land of the Citizen it must pay attention to the title of ownership of the land. Moreover, the President promised to return the People’s Rights on their land. Do not let the President be regarded as the People’s Lieutenant; with promises that sound sweet to the ear. But in practice it is not appropriate, the complaints of some of the Land Owners of the Land.

Efforts Residents have been to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia. And Ombudsaman itself has given verification of Cimanggis Depok Citizens Land and in the letter has been transmitted to a number of related institutions. If the Ombudsman’s own letter is not appreciated why does the Government still recognize the existence of the Ombudsman as a State institution?

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Actually it has been many times it is written in the media. But, the Government is like a Blind and Deaf Ruler on the voice of his People? Justice-seeking voices are increasingly out of the question. Moreover, who want to build is the Campus of the Islamic University of Indonesia International (UIII). Three names at once; Islam-Indonesia-International. Very embarrassing if the Campus Lands in can from the Citizen Land was forced. We will fight forever until we get our Hakmus, shouted Asmawi Mangkualam.

The government should not be as good as it is, if you want to use Our Land; said another Land Owner.

This Citizens Struggle will be done continuously. Moreover, Land for Citizens is related to Rights of Ownership and Rights, to the UN High Commission of Human Rights will be done, if only the Ruler no longer want to listen to their Voice.

Surabaya, 21 Ramadhan 1439 H

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