– Mahathir is a blessing for Malaysia and a hope for the rise of Indonesia and the region. Until his 93 year old age, Mahathir shows how a society can rise efficiently and effectively with a rational approach and an Islamic vision that prioritizes the principles of good governance.

In that principle, religion serves to unite, spread love for all children of the nation without discrimination and do the favor of the weak (affirmative policies to the indigenous Malaysians) without deliberately hurt the other.

In it, religion serves to create a system of state administration based on accountability and good governance.

With this principle a healthy social and economic market emerges as it gains stable political acceptance and foreign investors also see it as a platform that makes legal certainty and a prospective business future.

That explains why Mahathir could easily say he will evaluate China’s investment projects in Malaysia if later elected and in power.

Mahathir’s attitude to the Chinese can be easily and lightly expressed and done, because Mahathir sees China as one of the rational actors in his resurrection, not the opposite for leaders who from the beginning established relationships with China as superiors and subordinates. In this pattern they place China in a preferential position above the law and sovereignty.

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The unfair pattern of international relations at the expense of the legal status and the sovereignty of a nation state in the medium and long term does not guarantee a healthy business climate and investment for foreigners and especially for the China itself.

And Mahathir as a politician and scientist who once ruled the 22 years, with his own book guide The Malay Dilemma and NEP (New Economic Policy) as a guide to the famous economic policy, very well understood the framework and anatomy of colonialism, hegemony and exploitation by Western and Eastern imperialists.

Moreover, Mahathir is therefore well aware of how to prescribe a win-win way out for Malaysia’s national interests and for the realization of a healthy economic and social market for the business world with domestic and foreign players. Namely healthy for Malaysia and also for rational foreign business actor.

Particularly fundamentally healthy for China with the investment ambitions of OBOR (One Belt One Road) that has the potential to hurt and undermine the sovereignty of a weakly led country.

In OBOR’s wild profile in these weak leadership states, OBOR and BRI (Belt and Road Iniative) are potentially the New Imperialism and Colonialism Belt (NICOB).

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Islam by Mahathir is moderated by emphasizing the dimension of its service to the people, without searching for weakness to be used in the fray of sheep among the nation’s children.

In other countries, the divisions and weaknesses of the nation’s created children are presented to the occupiers to smooth their exploitation projects.

In that context Mahathir is an independent person who works for his people, wants good for them and not serves foreign occupation and exploitation.

Mahathir also did so without searching for an international foe, an attitude which Putin and other world leadership have developed in different contexts.

Mahathir knows that religion can be misused to promote the aspect of violence and terror, but Mahathir’s attitude is to maintain the true message of Islam that affirms the good governance dimension of religion that serves to build civilization and fulfill the people’s longing for justice, prosperity, dignity and sovereignty.

Sayuti Asyathri, former member of Indonesian Parliament (2004-2009), Chairman of Special Committe in The Making of Law on Population Administration (2006), Law on Public Services (2009) and Law on National Archives (2009).

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