The Front of the Indonesian Muslim Struggle (FPMI) must condemn Israel for the shooting of an innocent Student of Palestinian.

Under whatever pretext and excuse the Army of Israel committed was a damned thing done in the naked eye in the eyes of the World Public.

The Israeli Army’s actions have further strengthened Israel and its Army as the State and Criminal Army who killed the Weak, Weak Woman who is only a Female School Student.

Appeals and urges World Leaders and International Public and International Community Leaders in general to react, condemn and punish such barbaric acts.

The shooting of the Israeli Army in front of the Public in Jerusalem was as cowardly and humiliating. Because the martyr’s student martyr after searching was found in her bag. Nevertheless the victim was shot in a sadistic way without power and resistance ..

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The actions of the Israeli Army whose Video was widespread in the eyes of the World Public proved the quality of the Army considered the Brave Army. Though his courage is only to kill a Helpless Female Student.

If there is a State in the World and its Head of State still defends Israel and its Soldiers, then the State is just as savage, Cruel and Criminal as the one Israel and its Soldiers do.

Hopefully with the sadistic and savage shooting incident, it will be a Moral power and Resurrect the continuing fighting spirit by the Palestinians to achieve its Independence. And Allah (SWT) decreases Relief and Memories.

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To the Student of Women who became Martyrs for the cruel killings by the Israeli Army was repaid by Syurga Jannatun Naim. Hopefully with this Incident move the World Public to further isolate Israel from the association of the Dignified Nation in the World.

Front of Indonesian Muslim Struggle (FPMI), Muslim Arbi

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